Promoting Safe, Skilled Kayaking from Sea to Shining Sea

Athena Holtey


TopKayaker free articles provided instruction and guidance for
novice and experienced kayakers from 1998 through 2020.

TopKayaker's forum with hundreds of kayakers
from around the globe was active from its
Matt's Script Archive guest book days in 1999
through 2014
with UBB Threads. A very special thanks to all you
contributing writers and forum moderators

TomTopKayaker.Net started as Sit-on-topKayaking.com with a single page about Tom Holtey's book "Sit-on-top Kayaking, A Beginner's Guide" in 1998. Tom & his wife Athena continued to add articles in response to email requests and suggestions developing TopKayaker.Net with a true passion for the sport.

In 2014 the forum closed in light of the rise of FaceBook and other social media. We were no longer the gathering place for kayakers, but Athena continued the effort to gather in the best in the sport to freely share their expertise as well as their stories. Her time is now mostly devoted to beekeeping.

Tom turned his attention to supplying hard to find parts at TopKayaker.com drawing on Tom's many years in the industry helping & teaching kayakers.

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