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Tom and Athena HolteyTopKayaker.Net's visitors are beginning kayakers, hard-core enthusiasts and anyone looking for specific sit-on-top information. Our forum topics and incoming e-mail questions are primarily concerned with a buyer's sit-on-top kayak selection, or accessory purchase. Not only are paddlers receiving advice in the forums and Tom Holtey's personalized e-mails to make purchase decisions, they are also learning about basic use, safety, touring, fishing, diving, surfing, accessories and maintenance in the many articles. There is no other group of online paddlers as focused on sit-on-top kayaking, and the associate gear, as you will find at TopKayaker.Net. All in all, our site serves up over 50,000 page views during winter months and peaks at over 79,000 during summer months.

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Purchases made through Tom's TopKayaker Shop and our Affiliate Section support the articles & forums of TopKayaker.net.

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Participation in our Kayaker's Research Tool Database of Sit-on-top Kayaks is available free to all Kayak Manufacturers as is our Directory of Kayak Manufacturers. We only ask that you supply us with current info on your boats with photographs for inclusion with articles as well. Outfitters & other commercial concerns should contact Tom about advertising options such as: Shop Listings and Kayak & Equipment Reviews as discribed below.

Our book publications, such as "Sit-on-top Kayaking, A Beginner's Guide," also offer advertising oportunities.

Brand exposure on TopKayaker.Net and in its publications will brand sit-on-top paddlers to your company name and drive customers to your shop or web site for sales and info. You will not find a more targeted audience in any other print or online media.

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Join Our List of Shops & Outfitters: http://www.TopKayaker.Net/Outfitters.html Two ways:

1. Stock our two book titles by ordering direct from us or from one of our several distributors. (6 book minimum order)

2. Purchase a listing. For more detail on this option, see our order form.

BASIC LISTING: Your Shop, School or Outfitters Name, Address & Phone Numbers: $50.00 (Free with book order)

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Listing runs for two years from date of purchase before renewal. Questions: call 603-651-1036 or Email Tom @ TopKayaker.net.

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TopKayaker.Net welcomes demo kayaks and gear for review testing in the field. SAMPLE REVIEWS

Send inquiries to Tom @ TopKayaker.net. Press realeases, Catalogs, Brochures or photo CD's of your new kayaks for our kayak database can be mailed to GeoOdyssey Publications, TopKayaker.Net, 1805 Route 16, Center Ossipee, NH 03814. Image posting permissions must be included along with photographer name where appropriate.

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TopKayaker.Net is published by GeoOdyssey Publications. Sponsorship is welcome in the form of prepaid full-page color ads in a section of our books. Contact us about upcoming titles.

Please note that placing the same ad in all books will bring a considerable discount. To make arrangments & for ad specs contact Tom @ TopKayaker.net, 603-651-1036.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We encourage all manufacturers to submit photos that you own the rights to for consideration for inclusion in the text of upcoming publications and on TopKayaker.net.

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Ads in the classified section are free for individuals who wish to buy or sell privately owned kayaks as a courtesy to our visitors.


Kayak shops and other commercial concerns can utilize the classified ad section for a fee. Paddle sports retail stores and outfitters are welcome to place ads announcing special sales and unique purchasing opportunities.

Placement of commercial ads will cost $35.00 and run for one month from date of posting. You choose the month. This includes an ad placed on a related article at Topkayaker.net and mention in our newsletter that you are sponsoring that page. Additional pages are $25 each. Changes to ads will cost $20.00 in additon to that month's fee. Please keep to a 75 word maximum per entry. One free link is included with any ad. (web-site or mail-to) Additional links are $20.00 each. Payment must be made in advance by paypal, check or money order only. Allow up to 5 business days, after payment is received, before your ad uploads.

Please e-mail your ad copy to Tom @ TopKayaker.net. You will receive an invoice by e-mail. We recommend that your ad contain your shop name, e-mail address & web address if applicable, phone number, street address and a clear description of item(s) for sale and prices.

Kayak shops, Outfitters and other Commercial Concerns utilizing these classified pages with out paying placement fee may have their ad removed or rejected without notice. All ads placed on this classified section are done so at the sole discretion of TopKayaker.Net, GeoOdyssey Publications, and staff. We reserve the right to post or not post any ad.

About TopKayaker.net / Sit-on-topKayaking.com

TopKayaker.Net started as Sit-on-topKayaking.com with a single page about Tom Holtey's book "Sit-on-top Kayaking, A Beginner's Guide" in 1998. Tom & his wife Athena continued to add articles in responce to email requests and suggestions developing TopKayaker.Net with a true passion for the sport. Seeking out experts as well as average visitors with a like passion, articles, photos, reviews, and participation from you and many forum regulars now delight over 4000 visitors a day, year-round. We show our appreciation for your contributions by continuing to provide the best support we know how to kayakers of all skill levels.

In 2002 Tom began Tom's TopKayaker Shop. It is becomming recognized as a valuable resource for kayaking accessories as well as personal advice and instruction drawing on Tom's many years in the industry helping & teaching kayakers and working with gear suppliers accross the U.S. Whenever necessary Tom includes printed instructions with his products and is always available by email.


Ad sales inquiries: Tom @ TopKayaker.net

Call or write: 603-651-1036, GeoOdyssey Publications, 1805 Route 16, Center Ossipee, NH 03814

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