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The Dock Surface Mount is for bolt on mounts where the dock is made from wood or composite materials.

The Tool Free Mount for use with aluminum or stainless steel docks.

Wall Mount Conversion Kit


Ed Wrobbel and The Docksider
by Michael Pagliarulo

Since the publication of Tom Holtey's Dock Entry & Exit With A Sit-on-top Kayak, we've had numerous enquires about dock issues, especially when launching from a dock built for power boaters. Here's one solution that caught our eye:

Having grown up in the Finger Lakes Region of the state, Ed Wrobbel of Canandaigua, New York, had many years to watch kayaking evolve as a sport. Upstaging the traditional canoe, they offered a lighter and more compact alternative.

Ed also enjoyed a good laugh from time to time, watching neighbors wrestle with their kayaks, like imitation crocodiles, as they fought to get them out of the water. The plastic can tend to be a little slippery, making it a bit of a challenge.

The amusement he enjoyed as he witnessed this aquatic drama turned to action when he and his wife Cindy got bitten by the kayak bug as well. The dilemma gave birth to an innovative dock side storage unit design.

Since 2012, Kayaking as a recreational activity has risen in popularity to the 6th & 7th position of the fastest growing outdoor sports venues, according to the Outdoor Foundation 2013 report.

As the demand for kayaks has increased, so has the need for a myriad of peripheral accessories. With convenience being of paramount concern to busy consumers in the pursuit of their various routines, finding the most efficient means of transporting and storing their kayaks is important.

The Docksider is a very useful and convenient device. Cindy and Ed started their company, Dockcraft, in order to share his innovation commerically and to date there is nothing else on the market comparable to his patented dock side mounting storage racks.

Ed makes the racks in two designs, the dockside rack and the waterside rack. The dockside rack, referred to as their DS model, allows for quick and easy launch or retrieval of the kayak from docks that are over deep water. The waterside model, referred to as their WS model, is for storing and detaching the kayak from shallow water docks.

Both the DS & WS models come in aluminum for fresh water use and the DS model also comes in stainless steel for saltwater locations. There also is a choice in mounting hardware. The Dock Surface Mount (Series 100) is for bolt on mounts where the dock is made from wood or composite materials. The second is the Tool Free Mount (Series 200) for use with wood, aluminum or vinyl decking. The simple diagrams to the left illustrate the difference.

These basic but effective innovations have simplified kayak storage for use among the entire spectrum of kayakers, from young to old who have the privilege of living on the water and owning their own docks. Mechanical aptitude is not a prerequisite for utilizing this storage system.

The design is intended to minimize the exertion required to lift the kayak into its storage cradle as seen on this YouTube video:

Dockcraft has also adapted their storage racks for indoor storage spaces. A third model is their Wall Mount Conversion Kit. These are very popular as well, since they maximize storage space in tighter quarters, typically a garage.

Homeowners have been locked in a perennial battle to preserve their hallowed parking space against the encroachment of accumulated stuff. The wall mount kit helps win that battle so the kayak doesn't end up behind the garage, exposed to harsh elements and UV rays which are the main culprit in causing colors to fade in ABS plastic.

The racks are designed for a maximum weight of 70 lbs. They can easily accommodate a 14' kayak with a 32" width. Its practical benefits are appreciated by those with certain physical limitations like arthritis. Having learned that exercise is key in relieving joint pain, they want to continue enjoying their sport free of any of the aggravation associated with handling heavy equipment.

The Docksider Kayak Rack uses leverage to minimize hoisting the kayak into its storage position. On their website,www.dockcraft.com, Ed has included how to videos that illustrate its ease of use. See more video here.

Ed and his wife Cindy would love to hear from you if you are interested in their products. Contact them by email at info@DockCraft.com. They also encourage you to visit their Facebook page as well.


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