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Scott ShawLake Bag'in In The High Sierras

  By Scott Shaw

All photos & text by Scott Shaw (Not to be copied or printed without permission)

How many different lakes or ocean spots have you paddled?

My list is around 30. The thing I like about kayaking is all the many places a guy can drop his boat into. It's a big country out there. Sometimes even a small lake can turn into a mini-adventure. And it does not hurt to throw a lure whilst paddling.

I took a new lake bag'in trip in late September to the Eastern Sierra in California. I paddled Lake Mary and then on to Silver Lake in the June Lake loop. The scenery was fabulous. I went up the feeder creek to Silver, where I found the fishing great.

It was a private trip, as the motorboats could not get past the shallow entrance. I continued over Tioga pass into Yosemite Nat'l Park where I paddled on Tenaya Lake. ...beautiful beyond words! It sits at near 10,000 ft. elevation, surrounded by massive granite peaks. The water is as clear as it gets anywhere, and not many people use it because you have to carry the yaks to launch; no launch ramp.

Then, three new lakes and one fantastic creek to the list! I used my new Wilderness Systems "Pungo" for this trip, and it worked out great. Not a Sit-on-top, but I have three yaks and this one fits easy into my longbed Toyota T-100 4 by 4 without having to use the roof rack.

In the photos you will see our OK Scrambler XT and Wilderness Systems "The Ride." You'll see my wife Janet and I at Lake Casitas near Ventura, CA and Shaver Lake at 5000 feet in the Western Sierra west of Fresno, CA. (Music "Autumn" by Nerme - from the album "Eye Of The Mystic" - Please use this link to purchase at Amazon.com)


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